Everything You Need To Know About Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution

Everything You Need to Know About Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution

Data and the way it is presented, tells a unique story. Each statistics or data point has a story to tell. For example, a firm’s revenue is ten times more than the previous year means there is a story of Growth and transformation. When it is presented at a point of use, it helps decision makers to take Data Driven Decisions. The Embedded Analytics have capabilities to present that story into your product or an application 

In our blog, Why Modernize Your Application with Embedded Analytics?, we deep dive into explaining the need for having Embedded Analytics and how it can offer your users an interactive experience and along with it, expand your business.  

Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution blog takes a look at the process flow of Intellify’s solution. It also gives an insight into key features that makes Intellify’s Embedded Analytics solution stand out from the other similar solutions.

Now, we will look into some common queries which you may have about Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution. In case you have any specific query, you can write to us here.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution

1.  What is Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution?

Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution is an easy to implement cost-effective embedding analytics solution. It is meant for enterprises that aim at implementing analytics in their web application or a product.

Intellify aims to provide an easy-to-use analytical experience to enterprises and their users. Our solution can be integrated quickly and seamlessly with your existing product and hides all the complexities in the solution.

2.   How is it different from other Embedded Solutions available?

Many open-source or paid versions of Embedded Analytics Solutions are available for enterprises that provide static dashboards.

Intellify’s Embedded Solution provides a choice* of a Business Intelligence (BI) tool to be integrated with the enterprise’s solution that can provide a seamless user experience. This way, citizen developers within an organization can manage the security and accessibility of the reports and dashboards with the help of a dedicated admin portal. Most of the embedded solutions that are currently available do not provide an admin portal.

*Current version of the solution is compatible with Power BI and Tableau only.

3.   Does the parent application/product need to share the application data with Intellify?

No, the organisation’s product/application does not need to share the data with Intellify’s solution. Communication between the parent product and Intellify’s solution happens using API consumption from the parent product and by exchanging tokens.

4.   Can Intellify help the enterprise build dashboards and warehouses required for their product/application?

Yes, Intellify has expertise in creating interactive dashboards and building data warehouses. Intellify has successfully delivered more than 90 BI projects in the last Eight years.

Intellify is a certified Microsoft Data Analytics partner and has a team that has more than 100 years of collective experience in Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Application Development.

 Intellify has developed scientific ways to design and develop dashboards, keeping the business requirements in mind. Processes, persona, visuals, and templates are designed specifically to match each enterprise’s needs. 

Check out our Live Dashboards Gallery Here.

5.   What is the cost breakdown of different types of Embedded Analytics solutions?

Using three sample use cases, we will be comparing and explaining the cost breakdown of the Embedded Analytics solution. We have considered Microsoft Power BI embedded capacity for the licensing cost.

Microsoft Power BI Embedded Pricing

Use Case 1:

In use case #1, we have considered 10 Power BI pro licenses (10 publishers) and the number of customers assumed is 10.  Power BI Embedded A1 capacity is chosen based on the user count and computing power of the SKU.

The annual spend in use case #1 is around $13,464 which is around $1,346 per customer/year ($134.6 per customer/month)

Use Case 2:

In use case #2, we are again assuming 10 users and 10 publishers. Here we have chosen Power BI embedded A2 capacity that has advanced configurations and computing power than the A1 capacity.

The annual spend in use case #2 is around $22,224 which is $2,224 per user/year ($222.4 per customer/month) 

Use Case 3:

In use case #3, An analytics module from scratch will be built and embedded into the application. As per research by MicroStrategy, it can take more than a year to build your analytics functionality in the product. It will also have huge costs and more effort on maintenance. 

In each use case, the features decide the cost. The more advanced the BI tool is, the higher the cost. Depending on the needs of your enterprise, our experts will suggest you the most suitable solution that will be cost-effective for your needs.

6.   How is data security and accessibility managed in Intellify’s Embedded Analytics solution? Is it controllable from the solution?

Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution has two levels of security:

  1. Report Level and,
  2. Data Level (Row Level Security)

User access and report access data is stored in Intellify’s solution database. The security access can be modified with few clicks within the solution.

7.   How does Embedded Analytics work?

What is Intellify's Embedded Analytics Solution?

Here is how the Embedded Analytics solution works:

Let’s say there is a product (web application) where different interactive dashboards are embedded, and one of the tenants’ users would like to access any of the dashboards.

Step 1: End-user will have to sign into the product with their login credentials.

Step 2: When the user wants to access any dashboard, the Intellify embedded solution will authenticate and authorise user with the help of User Token, and Report ID.

Step 3: The requested data report/ dashboard gets pulled up from the BI platform and rendered in the web application.

Each user has restricted access with report level and row-level security. Each tenant gets to view the dashboard they have access to in the application. In this case end users will not need any Power BI License.

8.   What will be the timeline to implement the solution in any product?

Implementation timeline of the solution depends on the number of users, publishers, reports and dashboards in the application.

  • Off the shelf solution can be implemented within 48 hours assuming all the required inputs are in place.
  • Off the shelf + customization will vary based on the customization requirements.

9.   Is there any minimum user requirement to implement Intellify’s Embedded solution?What is the threshold?

Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solutions does not have any minimum user requirements or maximum threshold to implement the solution within your product/application. 

Having interactive analytics within your product/application increases the value of your product by 42%. This allows you to charge an additional 25% to your customers.

    10.   Where will Intellify’s solution be hosted?

    Intellify’s experts recommend hosting the solution within the product environment. You can also host it on Intellify’s servers that are fast, reliable and secure.

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