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Crafting a Modern Data Platforms for
Empowering businesses to make Informed Decisions

Modern Data Platform offers a transformative solution for organizations aiming to harness the power of data. Seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art technologies, Modern Data Platform facilitates streamlined Collection of structured and unstructured data, Processing, Analysis and bringing right insights. By fostering a Data-Driven culture, Organizations can become agile in making informed Decisions thereby reducing Total Cost of Ownership.

Intellify Modern Data Platform Consulting

Experience full potential of your Organization’s Data and AI powered analytics with our Modern Data Platform Services which will put you on track from a reactive to a proactive Organisation 

Data Analytics and Strategy


This comprehensive service offers a thorough evaluation of your Data Infrastructure and aligning it with your Strategic Goals. It encompasses building a business case, Optimizing current costs, exploring Cloud Migration potential, and assist with relevant POC’s.  Explore our Assessment services and register for a Free Workshop.

Data Engineering Consulting


A well-known fact that most of the BI projects fail due to poor design principles, lack of adoption & unable to measure and articulate ROI to management. With decade long experience, our implementation principles, solution frameworks takes these things into consideration and help customer win every time. Our experts have implemented Data Platforms across diverse industries, resulting in 30% increase in Decision-Making Agility and 40% reduction in operational costs.

Data Governance and Security

Data Governance
& Privacy

We’ve assisted clients in reducing security breaches by 50% and achieving regulatory compliance in 85% of cases.

We recognize that neglecting these vital practices can lead to a ripple effect – a staggering 60% of organizations suffer reputational damage due to data breaches. Our Data Governance & Security solutions make sure it’s aligned with the Modern Data Platform we build. 

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Modern Data Platforms

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics


Microsoft Fabric

Building a Modern Data Platform for E-Commerce Analytics

Know how e-commerce company positioned itself as a Data-Driven Organization, gaining a competitive edge in the market and experiencing significant growth in revenue and customer satisfaction.

Modern Data Platform for E Commerce

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