Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution

Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution

Embedded analytics with the integration of analytical capabilities and data visualisations at point of need, i.e. product, portal, website or custom web application, without the need to switch between different applications, closes the last mile of BI.

As per research by AnalyticsWeek,  out of the five hundred project managers, software developers, software engineers, and executives surveyed, according to 96%,  embedded analytics impacts the overall revenue growth, and 92% said that there was an increase in competitive differentiation.

Summing up, the embedded analytics will give an added competitive edge to your product over your competitors. In this blog, we will focus on what we at Intellify have to offer in our Embedded Analytics solution for you.

What is Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution?

Before opting for an Embedded Analytics solution, there are a few factors to be considered, such as integration, security, design flexibility, product vision, and commercials & ongoing support. Finding the perfect combination that suits your product might be difficult, but Intellify aims to provide the best simplified, easy-to-implement analytical experience to you by handling all the complexities at the backend.

What is Intellify's Embedded Analytics Solution?

Let us understand this with an example. There is a product (web application) where different interactive dashboards are embedded, and one of the tenants (end users) would like to access any of the dashboards.

Step 1: End user will have to sign in to the product with credentials.

Step 2: When the user wants to access any dashboard, Intellify embedded solution will authenticate and authorise with the Parent application

Step 3: The requested data report/ dashboard gets pulled up from the BI platform and  rendered in the web application.

Each user is restricted with Report level and Row Level Security. Each tenant gets to view the dashboard they have access to in the application – without knowing which BI tool is in play.

Key Features of Intellify’s Embedded Analytics Solution

1.   Dedicated Admin portal

Intellify’s Embedded Analytics solution offers a dedicated admin portal to monitor and manage multiple tenants, multiple reports, and users and access to reports accordingly. There is a workspace dedicated to each tenant.

2.   Authentication with your product APIs

Intellify’s Embedded Analytics solution enables you to allow authentication process with your product APIs easily and quickly.

3.   Row-level security

Our solution assures that data(report/dashboard) is properly segregated based on client identity. Furthermore, it allows you to provide permits through a channel row-level security (RLS) whenever needed.

4.   Dashboard publishing and Product/Application Integration

User can create a new dashboard in the BI tool. Using report ID it can be easily integrated on the portal. The entire process takes few minutes time to publish on the web application.

5.   White label Solution

Our white label solution let us customise   as per your brand/ product colours and theme with your logo.  It gives the simplified user experience and make user feel that interactive analytics is an integral part of your product and not imported from any other BI tool/Platform

6.   Easy and quick to Implement

Our embedded analytics solution can be easily integrated into your custom product or application and can be effortlessly implemented.

At Intellify, our team of experts can present your data into a story depending on the story you want us to narrate. You can go through our blog depicting the same.


Below are two sample use cases for cost comparisons. We have considered Microsoft Power BI embedded capacity for the licensing cost.

Microsoft Power BI Embedded Pricing

Use Case 1: Here we have considered 10 Power BI pro licenses (10 publishers) and number of constomers assumed is 10.  Power BI Embedded A1 capacity chosen based on the user count and computing power of the SKU.

The annual spend is in use case #1 is around $13,464 which is around $1,346 per customer/year ($134.6 per customer/month)

Our experts suggest that this option is affordable and worth the value.

Use Case 2: The same set of users and publishers is considered here. We have chosen Power BI embedded A2 capacity which has some advance configurations and computing power than A1 capacity (used in Use Case 1).

The annual spend is in use case #2 is around $22,224 which is $2,224 per user/year ($222.4 per customer/month)  

Our experts have the same opinion on this option as to use case #1, but this is recommended if you have a higher number of users on the portal.

Use Case 3: This would be building an analytics module from the scratch and embedding into the application. As per the research by Microstrategy, it taken more than a year to build your own analytics functionality in the product which costs huge on development and maintenance efforts. At times you may lose a focus on enhancing the core product.

There is a massive cost differentiation between the Use case 1 and 2 vs. Use case 3.

Intellify’s embedded analytics solution + Use case 1or 2 will help you create a complete analytical experience for your customers with minimum lead time and costs.

Whatever be the case, experts at Intellify can help you evaluate your case to offer you the best possible solution. You can provide your details here for our experts to get back to you.

Competitive advantage over your peers

With Intellify, you will get customisable, easily implementable, and integrated Embedded Analytics solution that will offer innovative abilities to modernise your product with a seamless analytical experience, keeping you ahead of your competition.

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