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Microsoft Fabric & CopilotCrafting Modern Data Platforms for Empowering Businesses to Make Informed Decisions

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Crafting a Modern Data Platforms For Empowering
businesses to make Informed Decisions

How to be Open AI Ready for Your Enterprise

Gain a knowledge and guidance to embrace Open AI successfully and
reposition themselves and make the Organization future ready.

About intellify

Founded in 2013, Intellify Solutions is preferred and trusted technology consulting & development partner for global enterprises, from start-ups to Fortune 500.

Intellify works with different stakeholders of the knowledge value chain to provide Modern Data Platform Consulting, Data Engineering,  Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and AI driven solutions which enables them to make the informed decisions and solving the business challenges. In nearly of decade long experience, we have successfully completed 100+ varieties of projects as a trusted Technology consultants, Business Intelligence Partner, Data Analytics & Visualization Services Provider, Product Development partner and a preferred vendor for many Global Business Intelligence firms as well.

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Discover Your Data’s Potential with Our Modern Data Platform Assessment.

Register for our Azure Immersion Workshop and gain access to a free Modern Data Platform assessment report.
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  • A personalized assessment report tailored to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Insights and recommendations to align your data infrastructure with your strategic goals.
  • A roadmap for the future to optimize your data strategy.
    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to harness the power of your data. Join our workshop and embark on your journey to a more data-driven future!

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    Intellify’s Solutions on Azure Marketplace

    Lending Analytics

    Lending Analytics
    Our ready-to-use solution comprises of 18+ persona specific dashboards tracking 100+ KPIs for 3 major processes- LOS, LMS and Delinquency.

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    Financial Analytics

    Financial Analytics
    Interpreting critical Business Financials easy with our Financial Analytics Solution! 

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    HR Analytics

    HR Analytics
    A comprehensive analytics solution that empowers HR professionals with Data-Driven Intelligence to support Strategic Decision-Making.

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    Success Stories We Have Written

    AI based safety compliance management

    Built conversational BOT for US based Digital Bank

    Tableau Solution for Switzerland based Biotechnology company

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    Understanding Shortcuts and Mirroring in Microsoft Fabric

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    Microsoft Fabric: Lakehouse vs Data Warehouse

    Microsoft Fabric: Lakehouse vs Data Warehouse

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