Top BI tools to look for in 2022

Top BI tools to look for in 2022

Have you ever felt like swamped up with data and it’s not helping you make decisions? And with each passing year, the vast volume of data being created create challenge to all organizations of all kinds. Ultimately, organizations and businesses need appropriate insights from that data to help them in decision making.

 The use of advanced and competent Business Intelligence or BI tools empowers businesses to build tools and provide capabilities in: Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Information Delivery such as Dashboards and Reports, and Platform Integration such as data management and development environment. It enables organizations to gather, analyze, monitor and make data driven decisions.

 Analyst and IT Consultancy firm Gartner release an annual Magic Quadrant for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions. For the previous five years, our knowledgeable experts have examined Gartner Magic Quadrants for Business Intelligence products and developed their own forecast on BI tools and technologies that will be in demand in 2022.

Top 10 BI tools to look for in 2022


  1. Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a web-based BI tool that uses data visualization to help you discover and share valuable intelligence. It also has built-in artificial intelligence features, Excel compatibility, and the ability to create custom data interfaces. Additionally, it allows you to generate and distribute reports that are customized with your trademark and key performance indicators. Over 120 free connections may be found in the library, making it available to everyone on board. You may also link it seamlessly to hundreds of cloud data and on-premise sources.

2. Tableau

Incorporate data analytics into your products using Tableau, a business intelligence and analytics platform that helps you interpret complicated data. Access and analyze data, create reports, and communicate insights across your business are all made easier with its easy drag-and-drop layout. Drag-and-drop functionality also makes difficult activities such as pivoting and joining easier to do. Also available is the ability to re-order stages and adjust values while seeing the outcomes in real-time.

 3. Qlik

 A Business Intelligence and Analytics solution, Qlik, assists you in developing analytics and providing you with interfaces, multi-cloud data connectivity, and other features. It provides a comprehensive business intelligence package that allows you to install, create, and process information without the need for coding expertise.

4. ThoughtSpot

 Artificial intelligence and automation have had a significant impact on ThoughtSpot. Its simplicity, despite the fact that it seems to be complicated, is one of its advantages. A full-stack design and straightforward insight generating capabilities, enabled by an in-memory computation engine, are among its many advantages. In addition, compatibility for current ETL systems assures optimal access to required data sources via the use of a networked cluster manager with flexible scaling options.

5. Sisense

 Sisense is a Business Intelligence Solution and Analytics platform that assists you in simplifying complicated data and developing analytical applications. In addition, the API-first cloud application allows you to integrate advanced analytics almost wherever you desire. It provides a self-service intelligence solution that allows data from all interfaces and a variety of sources, including Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Salesforce, to provide actionable insights. Additionally, it allows you to develop enterprise-grade software applications on-premises or in the cloud while maintaining the lowest ownership costs.

6. Oracle BI Suite

 Technology and apps from Oracle’s BI tool are designed to help organisations enhance their performance and equip them with the ability to make quicker, more intelligent mobile-enabled decisions. With 4.2 ratings on Capterra and a 4.0 in G2Crowd, Oracle provides a comprehensive range of data management tools, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, a comprehensive spectrum of searching and monitoring as well as mobile analytics.

7. MicroStrategy

 MicroStrategy is a BI tool and mobility solution for enterprises that specialise in hyperintelligence, unified analytics, and cloud-based applications. It is possible to utilise Xcode or JavaScript to expand the MicroStrategy content into their applications utilising Xcode and MicroStrategy’s mobile dossiers. You may use MicroStrategy Mobile or the Library app to deliver analytics while you’re on the move.


 The capabilities of TIBCO’s products are extensive, and they extend from data integration and API administration to visual analytics, forecasting, and data science. Tibco’s business intelligence and analytics offering are divided into two primary categories: TIBCO Spotfire and TIBCO Jaspersoft. In terms of technology, TIBCO Spotfire is a more current platform. It comes with interactive visualisation, data analysis, enterprise-class administration, and powerful analysis tools, among other things. Traditional reporting, as well as incorporated business intelligence (BI) capability, are supported by TIBCO Jaspersoft.

9. SAP

BI platform SAP is meant to provide extensive reporting, analysis, and visualisation. To create interactive presentations, you may use their cloud SAP systems and on-premises in conjunction with their Office interfaces for Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. It focuses on a wide range of business categories, including consumer experience, ERP, HR, digital supply chain, and more. More than 170 million people use SAP worldwide, making it the world’s most popular software company.

10. Domo BI

It is a platform for integrating data and then expanding it with pre-built and bespoke applications from the Domo Appstore, making it a powerful BI tool all in one. There are several ways to utilise Domo in conjunction with R or Python to carry out tasks for predictive modelling. Similar to other platforms, you may link your enterprise’s data, employ their artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, and allow people to experience the data on their own.



 Business Intelligence (BI tool) is an important tool for companies because it helps them run more efficiently, improve performance of different business functions, and make better business decisions. With many BI tools available in the market today, it is difficult to choose the best for your business.   

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