Power BI Embedded: Overview for Business Users

Power BI Embedded: Overview for Business Users

“For maximum utilization of tool or feature – it needs to be at right place with right presentation.

As we all know Visualizing data using different charts and colours, makes it interesting and easy to understand different trends. Now when it comes to embedding these dashboards or reports in your product or application at Point of Use – it dramatically increases the adoption of Business Intelligence.                                           

There are several ways to embed Dashboards and reports in the application, but key features of Business Intelligence cannot be overlooked to maintain the sanctity and importance of data of Organization.

Let’s deep dive into Power BI Embedded and how you can leverage this to increase the value of product along with saving cost in multiple licences.

What is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded is a Microsoft solution that enables you to integrate reports, dashboards, and tiles from Power BI service into your product, web page or customized web application directly.

Power BI Embedded, a Microsoft Azure service, allows you to share relevant dashboards and reports with your customers or team members wherever it is required for them to get insights – without having Power BI license.

In a nutshell, Power BI Embedded can benefit in:

  1. Reducing training time
  2. Optimizing costs
  3. Increasing Business Intelligence adoption
  4. Interface and navigation that can be highly flexible and customizable – from and to Dashboards to Web application
  5. Simplified end-user experience to ensure the user can only view what he needs

How Does Power BI Embedded Work?

Power BI Embedded Process Flow

Here is the step-by-step breakdown of how Power BI Embedded works in terms of displaying data on Portal:

Step 1: Data uploaded on PowerBI service by the Publisher of an organization. 

Step 2: Data is presented on to Report and Dashboard.

Step 3: Each individual Report/Dashboard is embedded so it is displayed on Portal, website, or web application along with Row level Security.

Power BI Embedded for Customers & Organizations

Power BI Embedded for customers solution enables you in building an app or portal where your customers as external users can view the embedded Power BI content without the need of signing in or authenticating themselves. Usually, independent software vendors (ISVs) developing apps for third party benefit from this solution.

Power BI Embedded for organizations solution enables you in building an app or portal where anyone needs to sign in using the Power BI credential allotted and will be limited to view only such embedded content to which the user has access to, on the Power BI service. Mainly benefited by large organizations, this is used for internal users where layers of security restrictions can be customized as per the requirements.

Power BI Embedded Process Flow

Licensing Prices of Power BI Embedded

Below are brief descriptions of licensing prices of various Power BI licenses for its use cases.

Power BI embedded Pricing

Breakdown of Each Use Case:

Use Case 1: Power BI embedding feature is unavailable.

Use Case 2: According to our experts, this option is slightly on the expensive side unless you require everything on premium and do not require cloud features.

Use Case 3: Our experts suggest that this option is affordable and worth the value.

Use Case 4: Our experts have the same opinion on this option as to use case #3, but this is recommended if you have a higher number of users on the portal.

Benefits of Using Power BI Embedded API on Portals

While you are now acquainted with the licensing prices of Power Bi Embedded, let’s glance through some of the many benefits of Embedding Power BI content on portals:

1.  No need for additional licenses:

This allows organizations to share Power BI dashboards and data visualizations with internal as well as external users without the need for more Power BI Pro licenses.

2.  Suited for all

Power BI Embedded solution enables you to use it as per your audience or type of users, making it tailor-made for both organizations and developers.

3.  Support for Row Level Security

Power BI Embedded solution assures that data is presented based on client identity. It allows organizations to provide row-level security (RLS), when required.

4.  Increases Business Intelligence Adoption

Since embedding Power BI content on portals is one kind of self-service data visualization reporting model, it facilitates the increase in the adoption of BI services on a large scale in the organization.

5.  Custom Branding

Quickly and easily provide exceptional customer-facing reports, dashboards, and analytics in your own apps by using and branding Power BI as your own.

6.  Reduce Developer Resources

Reduce developer resources by automating the monitoring, management, and deployment of analytics, while getting full control of Power BI features and intelligent analytics.

The Intellify Edge

Microsoft Partnership:

We take pride in our ongoing collaboration with Microsoft. All our team members are Microsoft certified professionals, and timely training is provided to them if and when there are updates in the solutions we offer.

Experienced Team & Management:

With a collective experience of 100+ years, we have worked with start-ups as well as Fortune 500 companies with the same agility, expertise, and zest.

Big Data Management Expertise:

At Intellify, we have worked upon complex and big data models consisting of millions of records from different real-time as well as static data sources.

Flexible Engagement Models:

We believe in creating efficacious engagement models that are tailor-made as per your organization’s needs. It enables agility, efficiency, and significant cost saving for your organization.

If you are interested to implement Power BI Embedded solution on your portals or would like to learn more about our other solutions, feel free to get in touch with us by clicking here.