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“Data is the new oil”.  But given the exponential growth in data generation, data is fast becoming something much bigger and vital to businesses. Our BI services help you unearth value out of business data, giving you the competitive edge needed to navigate in this data economy, today.









(Online Analytical Processing)


Data Mining 



Data Managment


ETL/ ELT (Extract, Transform, & Load)

Imagine being able to gather all your data from disparate sources into a single cohesive whole rather than being left with a bunch of databases filled with highly scattered, unprocessed data. Intellify’s ETL services help you meet your business goals by meeting the challenges of more data sources. With our proven expertise in complex data integration, we can help you make better decisions faster.

Data Warehousing (On prem/ Cloud)

Data Warehouse makes it easy to collect and manage data from heterogeneous sources for analytics, reporting, and decision making. Our proven Data Warehouse framework can help you build a cost-effective data warehouse for consolidating business information from multiple systems -helping you understand business operations better, crunch numbers more efficiently, and make better decisions faster. We offer solutions for both start-ups where a limited exposure to data warehousing needs are present, as well as established organizations with a growing need for a centralized data storage area.

OLAP  (Online Analytical Processing)

OLAP is a powerful way to analyze data by itself and on top of other business processes, you have in place. Intellify helps you to leverage the power of OLAP. 

Data Mining

Intellify helps companies take advantage of their data to gain insights that can improve business performance. Our customers use our data mining outsourcing service to reduce customer churn, increase customer acquisitions, and streamline operations. We work with organizations of all sizes using the right combination of our expertise and your data to achieve your strategic goals.

Master Data Managment

The key to the success of any company lies in the ability to collect, analyze and comprehend the entire data which is present in various systems and applications. Our Master Data Management Services & Solutions enables you to harness and enrich all your data points across multiple systems and applications to accelerate better internal performance and improve customer experience.

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