Crafting Data Stories Through Expert UX Design

Transforming Complex Data into Compelling Narratives

Reporting UX

Simplification is at the core of the products we deliver to our customers. We empower organizations with insightful, simplified, easy-to-comprehend and relate Data Interpretation that drives confident decision making.

This is how we will help you get over the Decision Maker’s Experience Challenges,


Intellify’s Solution

This is not the data I was looking for. This report is irrelevant.

Irrelevant Data

Irrelevant data

Persona based approach in solution design that clearly considers the motivation & expectation of the end user

A beautifully designed dashboard isn’t enough if it fails to engage users effectively.

Lack of user engagement

Lack of User Engagement

Craft an intuitive experience that guides users through data interactions, enhancing engagement and exploration.

Off-the-shelf solutions often impose limitations on customization, leaving your unique requirements unmet. 

Data Visualization

One-Size-Fits-All Approach

Tailor solutions to your specific industry, objectives, and demands, that seamlessly fits your workflow.

Dealing with an abundance of data often leads to information overload, challenging to get actionable insights. 

Information Overload

Information Fatigue

Distil complex data into concise insights, employing strategic techniques for focused and easily digestible information.

Presenting data without a coherent narrative can hinder decision-making, leaving stakeholders struggling to see the bigger picture.

Ineffective storytelling

Ineffective Data Storytelling

Craft data narratives that guide stakeholders through a journey, connecting data points to reveal patterns and correlations for informed action.

This is how we will help you get over the Decision Maker’s Experience Challenges,

Challenges vs Solution

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Our Approach

Our Approach


1. Who is/are your Audience?
2. What are the problems to solve?
3. How should be the consumption Experience?
4. Analysing additional Requirements


5. Sketching the Data Story
6. Effective Data Visualization
7. DAX
8. Power BI Features & Capabilties set up
9. Branding
10. Color themes


11. Test
12. Deployment

Case Studies

Power BI for Manufacturing Company

Power BI solution for a leading manufacturing company

Microsoft Power BI for Bank

Microsoft BI solution for leading African Bank

Web Portal for leading LPO

Web Portal for a leading LPO

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