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We help drive business transformation by helping you leverage the utilities of Power Apps

What is Power Apps?

Power Apps is a cloud-based service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile – without the time and expense of custom software development. The PowerApps service was built to take care of all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what you do best – your business.

Power Apps offers a range of services and functionalities that infuse digital transformation into manual and outdated processes and strengthen the overall business operations.

Low Code And Model Driven Apps

Power Apps enables low code to no code application development to solve business problems with advanced visual tools which works faster and easy to share on any device.

Power Apps Studio

The app designer makes creating modern canvas apps feel more like building a slide deck in Microsoft PowerPoint.

AI Builder

AI Builder makes it easy to build and configure applications with artificial intelligence (AI). AI enables your custom apps to understand the data you choose, predict what you need, and take intelligent actions.

Process Automation

Automate your processes and workflows to design a logic for your Power App. It provides data inputs to your app through connected data sources and services

Azure + Power Apps

Leveraging Power Apps and Azure functionalities togther boosts app functionality and security.

Portals Studio

Portals have created a new way to access PowerApps and data in common data service. It is a What You See What You Get (WYSIWYG) design tool to add and configure webpages, components, forms, and lists.

Connect Data

With Microsoft Dataverse, users can securely store and manage the data used by Applications developed. It also allows you to connect to multiple data sources such as Excel, SharePoint, cds along with other connectors that you can include during development.

Embed Apps in Power BI and Website

By using iframe code generated through Power BI, users can embed the Power Apps app on the website or in the Power BI report as well.

Why choose Power Apps?

Being a part of powerful Microsoft Ecosystem, Power Apps gives an ability for every user to create application solutions that accelerates business operations and growth with minimum commercial investments.


Smooth Digitization

The journey to digital transformation becomes seamless with Power Apps. Whether you are looking to digitize your traditional business practices or scale up your existing digital processes.

Cost Effective

Reduced effort = Reduction in costs. Power Apps incredibly benefits enterprises in reducing development, management, and maintenance efforts and costs with streamlined and automated business processes.

Power Apps Is For Everyone

As it’s a simplified app-building platform, it allows everyone from business analysts to professional developers to build apps without writing code. Anyone can quickly and easily build rich, data-driven apps from their phone, tablet, or computer—even offline.

Integrate And Extend App Capabilities

With more than 200 connectors, templates for common business scenarios, and the ability to integrate into custom work systems make it easy. Power App experience starts with a connected cloud database from Microsoft Dataverse, SQL Server, or Azure SQL DB. Extend the platform further into your organization with custom connectors, logic apps, and Visual Studio extensions to unlock new capabilities beyond the standard out-of-box experience.

Low Code - High Productivity

Build low-code portals in PowerApps and share them with the external users (non-power users) by integrating an on-premises or cloud based data sources that may include CDS assets, Power BI reports or dashboards etc. Users can easily access portals through Azure AD, LinkedIn, Microsoft Account etc.

Innovate Your Processes

PowerApps offer capabilities beyond traditional “apps” that provide a whole new level of cross-platform integration between people, devices, and applications. Using a streamlined app creation process you can connect users to live data and automate business processes using any type of data source.

Sophisticated Apps From Data

Create sophisticated apps from your data, not code. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface lets you build an application that can run on any device, rather than limiting you to a particular app development platform. The guided process allows you to visually create your applications from your data model and integrate with business processes.

Tailormade Appications

Using the available tools, user experience can be customised and can be upgradeed as per requirements

Why Choose Intellify?


Microsoft Partnership

We continue to invest in our team to ensure Intellify holds multiple Microsoft accreditations along with every team member is Microsoft certified professional.

Experienced Team & Management

100+ years collective experience of working with startups as well as Fortune 500 companies with same agility, expertise and zest

75+ Data Success Stories Written

Experienced in working with most of the industry majors. Read our case studies to see examples of the outcomes we help our clients achieve.

Big Data Management Expertise

Worked on complex and big data models containing millions of records from different real-time and other data sources and 100+ tables and data dimensions

80% Client Retention

Our customer-centric approach has built, enhanced, and maintained long-term relationships with our clients.

Industry Specific Accelerators

We have built the shelf & ready to use accelerators from multiple domains and industries to get a head start on your PowerApps. This gets going in the shortest possible & helps in generating actionable insights.

Customized Solutions

We develop a customized approach to business challenges and always plug in our past experiences to accelerate the solutioning process.

Flexible Engagement Models

Our efficacious engagement models personalized for your requirements. It enables Agility, Efficiency, and significant cost saving to our clients.

Our Approach

As one of the early adopters of Power Apps, Intellify has built expertise in Power Apps consulting and development. Our highly experienced team of Microsoft consultants and developers working with our clients to build apps with advanced functionalities.

Depending on the business requirements and the available data phase, apps need to be developed in different ways. If the data is already defined and available in some form of database, then typically Bottom-up approach is taken otherwise we can start fresh with Top Down Approach.

Bottom-up Approach: When we have a clear understanding of how the data needs to be stored or there is already a data present and we need to have a way to provide a UI for the same, this approach is preferred. However, we also help in enhancing the existing data model if there is a need.

In this approach, the typical cycle starts from the Backend and goes up to the front end, User interface, while taking care not to disturb and alter the defined backend data model.

Top-Down Approach: It all starts with understanding your business problems and challenges. Based on your inputs, we create a solution roadmap, UI design the application and data model. Data Modeling involves designing of your data structure. Referring to your tasks, business processes, challenges, and goals, we will help to define what data to be stored and how to structure it.

Development Cycle

  • Understanding and Analyzing the requirements: In many cases clients already decided to use PowerApps as a solution for their business problems. But still in some cases or in complex business problems we need to understand and analyze the problem to address the requirements.
  • Designing the Solution: With our consultative approach, we help clients in choosing the right type of Power Apps from the following:
  • Application Development: Applications are being developed based on the finalize app type. If require, we add our technical expertise to make it a complete solution.
  • Deploy: Once the development is done. We test the application and deploy it on the cloud server. Chances of technical errors are very less as it is developed with low code or zero code.
  • Access and Manage: We provide training to our clients on app functionalities and provide ongoing support on the application developed.

We work across power platform ecosystem

Power BI

Our certified team and success in serving diverse business verticals with Power BI sets us apart.

Power Automate

Our proven methodology to identify processes to automate helps you get the most out of Power Automate.

Power Apps

We help drive business transformation by helping you leverage the utilities of Power Apps.

Case Studies

Asset tracking and complaint management system

Employee assessment app using Power Apps

Power Automate solution for the simplified data management

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