Case Study

Power BI solution for a leading manufacturing company

Client: A leading Manufacturing company

Our Expertise: Business Intelligence

Technology Used: Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Azure, Intellify Data Connector Framework, Azure Analysis Services





A leading Industrial Manufacturing company was struggling through manual reporting chaos due to multiple data sources such as Flat flies, Databases and SaaS platforms apart from Excel sheets. A lot of manual effort was there to Extract, clean and transform the data for reporting as there were no Central Data Repository at place and single source of truth.

Company was looking for Data Analytics & BI partner to develop the centralized reporting system for Data-Driven Decisions.


Intellify Designed and Developed a complete Business Intelligence Solution to create a single source of truth.
A. Source Identification: Identifying and Analyzing existing data sources and their technical specifications.
B. Data Cleansing: Importing, merging of datasets, de-duplication, standardization and exporting the clean data.
C. Data Transformation: De-normalized data is needed for speed and reporting requirements.
D. Data Warehouse: It is created in the Azure Datawarehouse for reporting and data analysis needs.
E. Function Specific Data Marts: Function specific rolled up data is created for ease and speed of BI reporting.
F. BI Dashboards: Our BI experts along with SME’s developed 15+ Live Interactive Dashboards for Data Driven Decision-making.

Power BI Solution for Manufacturing Company-Intellify Solutions


Next-generation BI solution on Cloud 


Available on mobile


Proactive decision making based on real-time data

Single Source of Truth

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