Case Study

Power BI solution for a leading manufacturing company

Client: A leading manufacturing company

Our Expertise: Business Intelligence

Technology Used: Power BI





The customer had been relying on a static Excel workbook as their source of data for reporting. Daily reporting activities started with numerous jobs to transform, cleanse and load the data into a Power Pivot-enabled workbook. The visualization solution offered the limited capability to explore and analyze the data, with no support for drill-down capability to understand data at a deeper level. They also found themselves confined by the limited delivery options offered which reduced their ability to communicate the findings and insights to decision-makers.


Intellify provided business intelligence solution with the help of next generation Microsoft Power BI Technology.


Next-generation BI solution on Cloud 


Available on mobile


Proactive decision making based on real-time data

Availability & accessibility to data leading to the shorter decision-making cycle  

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