Case Study

Central dashboard at control tower to track active ingredients used in farms

Client: Global provider of agricultural science and technology

Our Expertise: Business Intelligence

Technology Used: Tableau, C# to load API responses SQL server





Understanding the biological activity of an active ingredient used in the farms is integral to determining its viability and efficacy. It is necessary to track the various combinations used as it has a directly proportional relationship between dosage concentration and beneficial effects. Our client, was looking for a technological solution on centralized tracking of Active ingredients used in farms, their combinations, timeline, and status.


  • We developed a custom solution using C# to call the APIs to get the data related to re-entry restrictions, to comply with US Agricultural Laws and Regulations.
  • It was responsible to store the collected data into the central SQL database post data cleaning and other data transformations.
  • As the client was already using Tableau as a data visualization tool, we recommended using the same and developed the dashboard. 
  • Active ingredients dashboard displayed which products were used with the percentages of Ingredients applied and the permissible limits.


Single dashboard to track details of active ingredients

Insights generated helped in product quality management and enhancement

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