Case Study

Tracking and Monitoring of farms for a Fortune-500 company

Client: A leading biotechnology company

Our Expertise: Data Visualization

Technology Used: C#, SQL, Tableau





A Switzerland based Biotechnology company wanted to develop the new products for the USA market. As a part of R&D, company wanted to have a detailed information and understand the live status of farming patterns in USA.



After analysing the requirement, we developed a Live Dashboard Solution using Tableau which does:

A. Tracking and Reporting of farming activities: To provide data to the R&D department to facilitate findings and understand the activity patterns to make quicker decisions

B. Track Active Ingredients used in farming sites: It is necessary to track the various combinations of pesticides, fertilizers & soil content and their corelation with the type of produce yield.

C. Monitoring and Tracking Human Interventions in farming sites: To get the most recent information about the re-entry to the farms. It was necessary for Applicators to schedule the upcoming activities.

  •  We developed a custom connectors using C# to get the data related to farming, scouting and re-entry restrictions, to comply with US Agricultural Laws and Regulations.
  • Custom connectors were created to store the collected data into the central SQL database post data cleaning and other data transformations.


Centralized System to Track All the Farming Activities


Informed Decision Making


Reduced Cost

Higher Level of Visibility

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