Case Study

Real-time tracking and reporting system for leading agriculture technology company based out of US

Client: Global provider of agricultural science and technology

Our Expertise: Business Intelligence

Technology Used: Tableau, C# to load API responses SQL server





Our Client was facing the challenge of tracking farming activities in the US and Canada region as the number of farms and area covered by them is huge. The objective of tracking the scouting was to provide live data to the R&D department to facilitate real-time findings and understand the activity pattern, which will eventually help in taking necessary measures to avoid potential losses



  • We developed a custom solution using C# to call the APIs to get the information related to scouting activities.
  • It was responsible to store the collected data into the central SQL database post data cleaning and other data transformations.
  •  As the client was already using Tableau as a data visualization tool, we recommended using the same and developed the dashboard.
  • A Comprehensive dashboard with various data filters and map visuals helped users to navigate quickly and easily to the desired information.
  • The scouting dashboard depicts the live scouting information to the R&D department and guides on the product planning.


Centralised tracking of scouting activity

Early detection of potential issues in the farm

Most recent and past data helped in product planning

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