Case Study

Monitoring and tracking of human intervention at farm using Tableau Dashboard

Client: Global provider of agricultural science and technology

Our Expertise: Business Intelligence

Technology Used: Tableau, C# to load API responses SQL server





The client was looking for a technological solution to get the most recent information about the re-entry to the farms. It was necessary for Applicators to schedule the upcoming activities. There are farm entry restrictions to humans after spraying the disinfectants/pesticides (active ingredients) in the farms. As the number of farms and area covered is huge, it’s very difficult to track and schedule the re-entries to each farm.



  • We developed a custom solution using C# to call the APIs to get the data related to re-entry restrictions, to comply with US Agricultural Laws and Regulations. *
  • It was responsible to store the collected data into the central SQL database post data cleaning and other data transformations. 
  • As the client was already using Tableau as a data visualization tool, we recommended using the same and developed the dashboard.
  • A Comprehensive dashboard with various data filters and map visuals helped users to navigate quickly and easily to the desired information.
  • Re-Entry dashboard highlighted restricted Farms in RED and Safe in GREEN color on Tableau Map along with the re-entry time schedules.


Centralised tracking of re-entry to the farms

Effective resources management

Easy planning and scheduling of upcoming farming activities

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