Case Study

Built employee assessment app for global industrial automation company

Client: Global Industrial Automation Campany 

Our Expertise: Business Intelligence

Technology Used: Power Apps, Power BI, SQL





Our client, a leading industrial automation company with 12 global offices wanted to set up a centralized employee assessment system.

The objectives of the system were:

– Monitor the employee skills regularly through a centralized system

– Presenting the data to respective department heads

– Providing insights to the training and development team to design skill enhancement programs 

Hiring any online assessment company was costing huge as a company was aiming to conduct an assessment of 2500+ employees across the globe.


We developed a PowerApp with Power BI integration to generate real-time visualizations and results. More than 10+ functional assessment tests were added to the app which is accessible through all the organizational users. Entered data then stored in SQL Server On top of this data, various reports were developed in Power BI and integrated into PowerApps. RLS(row-level security) is implemented to grant necessary access to Dashboards and kept it limited to respective department heads with admin access to the Training and Development head.


Sucessfully increased number of assessments from 100-125 to 500+ in 6 months

Delivered Cost effective and relaible solution

Quick and detailed analysis to the Training and Development team

No more manual efforts are needed to conduct, evaluate and analyze test results.

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