Case Study

Conversational BOT for US-based Digital Bank

Client: Hypergrowth digital bank

Our Expertise: Conversational AI

Technology Used: Python, .net, RASA, Angular JS





A US based Digital Bank with no access to physical branches was looking to enhance the customer support. Current IVR system and helpdesk were taking more than 2-3 minutes to reach to the customer support team and discuss the queries.

Bank wanted to minimize the queue time and maximise first call resolutions. At the same time, they wanted to reduce customer support team to optimize operational costs.



Intellify recommended AI driven chat bot having constantly evolving capabilities. We designed and developed different modules for the smooth and Smart functioning of the BOT.

A. Intent Content generator: Our Intent Content generator module was able to generate multiple questions which has same intent. Lemmatization and Stemming features were included as part of the solution.

B. RASA: Based on the user inputs, the BOT was able to comprehend and identify the right intent.

C. Conversation flow designer: Easy to use conversation flow designer to create and update existing conversation flows by citizen developers.

D. Handing over to Live Agent: If BOT is not able to comprehend the user input, there is a feature for handing over the chat to Live Agent.


Optimum utilization of time & capabilities of Customer Support Team

Maximised First Call Resolutions

Lower Response Time with Conversation Driving Capabilities

Automated Notification

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