Case Study

Asset tracking and complaint management system using Power Apps

Client: Global Industrial Automation Campany

Our Expertise: Business Intelligence

Technology Used: Power Apps, SQL





Tracking company assets for a company with 3000+ employees is always a challenge for the admin department. It is a tedious task to manually take the asset details and maintain them in the excel sheet. Due to this, even managing complaints became hard for our client as there was no centralized complaint management system.

Employees with managerial level and above were having company assets such as laptops, mobile phones, SIM cards, other peripheral devices, and software subscriptions. Our client was looking for a solution to track:

1. Department-wide assets distributed

2. Maintenance/complaint management

3. Tracing of software subscriptions and renewal

4. Tracking of total investments done in assets and upcoming renewal expenses and maintenance costs


We developed a Tracking System using Power App for employees where they can fill in the details of all the company assets they are currently using, including software installed.

It helped organizations to streamline their asset management process:

– Employees can now put asset information in the tracking system without having to rely on admins 

– They can now use the same application to raise a service request through the App. It has now become easy for the admin department to track and resolve the issues seamlessly.

– Admin and Operations department users can now see the details of assets distributed, subscription due dates, upcoming renewal costs, and maintenance details.

– Notification triggers were created for subscription renewals, new complaints, complaints with no actions for a certain time, etc.


Insights generated through the App helped in budgeting and planning for the admin department

No more manual efforts required in tracking the assets

Seamless complaint management reduced turn around time to solve them

Power App saved resources, time, and costs in managing such tasks which are now completely automated

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