Case Study

AI-Based Safety Compliance Monitoring system for a leading Manufacturing Company

Client: A leading manufacturing company

Our Expertise: Artificial Intelligence

Technology Used: Deep Learning Techniques,

Computer Vision





A leading manufacturing company with large manufacturing unit of 500+ workers has highly safety standards and compliances to follow due to hazardous nature of work. According to the mandate, workers wearing appropriate safety gears and following all safety SOPs only to be allowed on the floor.

Company had to create a separate team of trained supervisors’ team for adherence of SOPs 24*7. Manually monitoring the adherence to rules across manufacturing unit is tedious task and have had inherent limitations. There were more chances of human errors and breaching of the protocols & SoPs.


  • Intellify began with Acquiring Training Data (Video Footage of the non-compliance scenarios).
  • Once the Data (footage) was gathered, we started Training the Computer Vision Algorithms to identify these non-compliances scenarios in the videos.
  • Once the Training with acceptable Accuracy, we tested the Computer Vision Algorithms on un-seen non-compliance videos. Optimized the algorithms for better accuracy.
  • After deployment on cloud, Feed the algorithms with the live video footage. Algorithms started detecting the non-compliance scenarios based on the earlier training.
AI based Safety compliance Management System by Intellify


Accident prevention, ensuring worker safety


Tracking hygiene non-compliance, helping to avoid penalties 


Theft prevention

Improvement in productivity

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