Case Study

AI-Based Safety Compliance Management

Client: A leading manufacturing company

Our Expertise: Artificial Intelligence

Technology Used: Artificial Intelligence





This leading manufacturing company has a high safety standard. These standards mandate strict compliance for workers with wearing appropriate safety gear and following all safety SOPs. Manually monitoring the adherence to rules across manufacturing units is a tedious task and has inherent limitations. Our client wanted a solution to automate it.


Intellify began with Acquiring Training Data (Video Footage of the non-compliance scenarios). Once the Data (footage) was gathered, we started Training the Computer Vision Algorithms to identify these non-compliances scenarios in the videos. Once the Training with acceptable Accuracy, we tested the Computer Vision Algorithms on un-seen non-compliance videos. Optimized the algorithms for better accuracy. After deployment on cloud, Feed the algorithms with the live video footage. Algorithms started detecting the non-compliance scenarios based on the earlier training.


Accident prevention, ensuring worker safety


Tracking hygiene non-compliance, helping to avoid penalties 


Theft prevention

Improvement in productivity

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