Case Study

Power Automate solution for the simplified data management

Client: A leading KPO based out of Europe

Our Expertise: Automation

Technology Used: Power Automate





Our client used to spend 20-25 hours a week to download the data received through 500+ emails weekly and update the same on the server.
It was a completely manual process of finding these relevant emails, downloading the data, and maintaining the records.
There was a high risk of manual errors and loss of data.


  • We designed a flow that will fulfill all client requirements with some additional features.
  • We created A flow That will trigger events based on outlook email with specified Email context appears, Then It will save the excel file from email to OneDrive/SharePoint location.
  • Once the file is saved it will automatically Push all data from excel to a dedicated Table in SQL.
  • Once the task is successfully executed. Data engineers and managers will get notified by email regarding the data updates in SQL.
  • If it fails to execute due to some errors or warnings data engineers and managers will be notified with the error code.


Our solution helped client to automate the data sourcing and management process

Saves time and manual effort

Error free data management

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