Case Study

Work flow automation solution to increase organizational productivity

Client: A leading KPO based out of Europe

Our Expertise: Automation

Technology Used: Power Automate





Managing the internal workflows manually is tedious and repetitive work. It used to take 20 to 30 mins extra for employees to change the sprint while working on the Azure DevOps.
Our client was looking for a solution to automate the process for efficient time and workflow management


  • We proposed a Power Automate solution to automate the workflows.
  • We designed a flow that will automatically move remaining tasks from the current Sprint to the Next sprint by duplicating tasks into the next sprint.
  • The designed flow will execute at the end of the sprint.
  • For reporting purposes, we created duplicate tasks per sprint so in PowerBI we can calculate the exact start and end of each task based on dates and Sprints.


Each employee were able to save their 20-30 mins and could concentrate more into the project work

A huge impact on the organization productivity as 200+ team members saving 20-30 mins each

Better Employee engagement

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