Everything you need to know about Power Apps Portal

Everything you need to know about Power Apps Portal

Low code/no code point has changed the entire way to look at the complexity of Application Development. Programming processes that web or software developers used are now evolved and transformed into drag-drop functionalities.

This level of simplicity emerged and created opportunities for citizen developers to build and get more control over application development and maintenance. This also reduced time to market and filled gaps between programmers and business users.

Microsoft Power Apps, a leader in low code application development has made it possible to create low-code responsive websites using Power Apps portal which uses business data to connect and engage with variety of business stakeholders.

What Is Power Apps Portal?

Power Apps Portal is part of the Microsoft Power Platform, enabling businesses to create low-code, personalized, responsive websites to interact with users using Dynamics 365 data and its capabilities, seamlessly.

With the help of this platform, organizations can create external user-facing portals and enable seamless authentication and verification for external users using platforms such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, etc. It can also allow external users to browse content anonymously.

Portals can build with:

  1. Self-service capabilities: Extended Dynamics 365 and Power Apps with secure and self-service portals for external users
  2. Pre-built templates: Create branded portals with pre-defined and easy to customize templates
  3. Connecting your business data: Bringing together your app and business data to enrich portals with forms, views, charts, and dashboards.

Why and When to Use Power Apps Portal?


  • Power Apps Portal also offers all the required capabilities within this standalone platform, thereby offering the citizen developers to create their unique applications in minimal time. Moreover, it provides you with AI tools to help in automating the development process.
  • Power Apps portal aims at enhancing productivity of the organizational workforce by streamlining and automating the business processes and also by creating customer facing portals which help achieve better customer engagement.


Power Apps portals are mostly used for three purposes:

  • When you want to engage with external users or partners which requires public facing websites/portals where anonymous or authorized users may visit.
  • When the citizen developers want to create an application without coding.
  • When businesses are looking for the solution to automate the business processes which are monotonous.

Key Features of Power Apps Portal:

Here are some of the essential features of this application that can help you to achieve your goals of creating a highly intuitive and user-friendly platform in no time:

Content Management

One of the reasons why Power Apps Portal is ideal for your site is its advanced content management feature. It offers easy and hassle-free ways to incorporate static text, webpages, images, and other content into your site using its high-end tools.


Power Apss Portal content and navigation are available for use in 43 languages. The portal users can switch from one language to another without any issues and view all the information in their preferred languages. Also, they will never have to lose any information on the site due to language changes. The portal aims to advance and extend its capabilities in translating the content into more than the approved languages included in the web pages.

Easy Access to Dataverse Data

The main feature of this portal is its seamless access to the Dataverse data. It can show and interact with the records stored in Dataverse. Using table lists and custom web templates, the portal offers you the required Dataverse data records that can be edited and created per your requirements following the step procedure highlighted by the web forms. The data remains protected by the unique combination of the table permissions and web roles that guarantee that only the portal visitor can access these records.


Create your unique branding template, design, or style to trend and dominate the market with the themes available in this portal. Do not forget to use them with the Bootstrap toolkit and the dedicated CSS.

Global Search

Searching across the specified Dataverse records seems to be a crucial feature of this platform. It enables the users to locate the portal results page’s data quickly.

Advanced Security

Seamless authentication feature available via using platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. Proper table permissions and web page access controls help enhance the portal’s overall security.

Profile Management

If you are an authentical portal user, you can always manage your profile and its relevant information as and when required. Furthermore, it allows the stakeholders to update their profile information continuously.

Extensibility and customization

Lastly, if you like to personalize your portal as per your requirement, this one is ideal for you. The availability of specific tools to create and modify content on this portal makes it the perfect partner for creating custom web templates, CSS, workflows, etc.


Total Economic Impact of Power Apps

So, now you have a fair idea about the tools and features available on this portal. Some of the benefits of using this portal are:

  • Power Apps Portals accelerates application creation. We can create an App within couple of hours or even minutes.
  • Low-code and no-code. Citizen developers can easily create and deploy portals using Power Apps portal.
  • Business processes automation.
  • Reduces the cost of application ownership as not extra maintenance costs to be paid.
  • Increased customer, partner, and employee satisfaction
  • Excellent security measures to protect sensitive customer data and information
  • Realized additional value through integration with Power BI and other Microsoft solutions such as SharePoint


These are a few reasons why Power Apps Portal is an ideal partner for businesses that aim to create an excellent platform for engaging their customers. According to the key findings of Total Economic Impact™ Of Power Apps And Power Automate, the average cost to develop an application is about 70% less with Power Apps and Power Automate. If you want both your internal and external users to interact seamlessly using all the Dynamics 365 data and capabilities, check Power Apps Portal today.

Contact us now to understand the application and how it can help your business automate for higher efficiency and increased productivity.