10 Brilliant Use Cases of Power Apps

10 Brilliant Use Cases & Examples of Power Apps

Businesses need to adapt to a new form of technological and digital advancements to grow their organization in a lean way. Organizations today use the power of data to enable informed decision making to remain ahead of time.

Being a part of powerful Microsoft Ecosystem, Power Apps gives an ability for Citizen Developers to create application solutions that accelerates business operations and growth. The Power Apps service was built to take care of all the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what you do best – your business.

Here are some use cases and examples of Power Apps that can be implemented in your organisation: 

1. Employee Feedback Application

With this application, Employees performance, skillsets, and engagement is measured. It helps in conducting a SWOT Analysis of each employee. The application is tailor-made for each employee. It can help to identify potential areas of improvement and provide critical feedback on them.  

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2. Learning Management System for Employees 

As e-learning has become the new normal and digital content is spread over places. It is essential to have right guidance to employees to enhance their skillsets and advancements in their Careers. Intellify’s Learning Management system is a best solution for upskilling employees. 

Learning Management system in Power Apps will be beneficial for the organizations as it is quick to build and customise as per their needs. It has 4 modules – Content Management, Comprehensive Evaluation, Real time progress monitoring and applying for technology certifications.    

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3. Employee Helpdesk Application

Helpdesk Application for employees enables cross-departmental communication, tracking and resolving employee queries if any. It is a user-friendly way to connect end-users with the support team. Employees can start a conversation with the support team and close the ticket once the issue is solved quite easily. 

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4. Instant quote generator

Sharing customized quotes with the customers has always been a hassle as it takes a lot of time to create custom templates, create manual quotes, send it to customers then track until they are in! 

With Power Apps, organizations can completely automate the customized quotes/proposals generation process which will have pre-defined templates, generate the quotes instantly based on the values entered into the Application and it automatically sends personalized email to the customer. 

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5. Inventory Management 

Check-in, check-out and track stock of inventories with pre-built code scanners using the end-to-end inventory management application system. Sales, product demand, stock and other such trends can be tracked easily. Using this data, the organization can plan and reduce overall inventory costs. 

6. Daily To-Do List App 

A daily to-do list app will help your employees manage time for each task effectively. It will also help in prioritizing tasks. This helps to generate a summary of daily task reports that can be sent for review to the managers of the employee. It also helps managers to plan and assign new tasks accordingly. 

7. Site Inspection 

This application allows you to reference and catalogue all kinds of instances with images, location pins, site details etc. If you are in insurance, property management, real estate or any similar industry, this tool will be quite useful for your business. The record information is stored in the back end and can be used when detailed reporting or analysis is required on it. 

8. Interview Process Application

The interview process application is one of the best solutions for the human resource team. The applications show what are the positions for which candidates are being hired, their profiles being uploaded and if the team has any feedback on them.  

There are feedback columns that are filled by the human resource department so the next interviewer can be prepared with a list of specific questions for the candidate. The Application has a hire or no-hire column that makes the overall evaluation process quite convenient and easy for the people. 

9. Staff Leave Application

Through this application of the Power Apps suite, employees, their superiors, and the HR department can keep track of leaves easily. Employees can send a leave request to their manager through an automated email. Once the manager approves the leave, the employees get notified. Employees can also check the holiday calendar, their leave status and how many leaves are remaining with them, all on one platform. 

10. Employee Onboarding Application 

The platform can enable tracking of all the activities that are performed when a new employee joins the organization. It is a single integrated platform that helps new employees to become well versed with the organizations’ policies and automates the process of onboarding a new member 

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