Intellify builds conversational BOT for Digital Banks

Using Conversational AI, Intellify built a conversational bot for a digital bank in the United States. This digital bank was on a growth trajectory and wanted to automate their existing customer support system which was driven by human workforce. This included day to day operation related responses through in-branch interaction, email and call center.  In an effort to improve customer service, Bank commenced a series of initiatives toward two broad objectives: Reduction of overall complaints and Instantaneous self-serve model.


Intellify began with planning and gathering requirements. On analyzing the requirements – we understood that multilingual users had to be served across different channels like Phone, Application Voice Command or Text, Web Voice. All channels had to be supported and still conversation context had to be maintained for incomplete conversations. Once Conversational platform was ready – the main challenge was with identifying conversation flow users would take. Also, we needed to help users in providing right response and letting users correct their mistake in conversation.


  • Reduced manpower
  • First-time query resolution went up
  • Users were transferred to live agents on new queries along with prior conversation user had with Bot
  • Automated Notification