Warehouse Operations Overview

Managing huge warehouses is a challenging task for any organization. Keeping a track of stock levels, their current status, shelf management requires a lot of human effort, time, and cost to manage it. In addition, it is important to allocate enough inventory on the shelves so that a minimal amount of replenishes is necessary. Implementing this Power BI solution can improve worker performance in the warehouse and thus help reduce labor costs and a redundant workforce.

Major Highlights of the Dashboard

  • Detailed information about warehouse
  • All product details at one place –
    a. Available products
    b. stock levels
    c. occupied bays, available bays etc
  • Product storage location mapping

Business Benefits

  • This dashboard gives a live status of products available in the warehouse which helps in keeping the track of inventory
  • Easy to search needed product with product storage location map
  • Placing product orders is easy as it highlights once the product is below re-order quantity and shows quantity to order
  • Zero manual efforts required to maintain stocks, calculating reorder levels, reorder quantities etc
  • Overall, warehouse operations can be enhanced with this dashboard


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