Manufacturing Analytics Dashboard

Due to the complex processes in the manufacturing industry, it becomes a challenging and tedious task for the department to track and analyze the data to take business decisions.

Herewith Power BI, we are visualizing the business data, monitoring overall performance, and helping to make well informed decisions using critical KPI’s derived  from Multiple data sources in real-time

We are sharing a few KPI’s for reference.


    Major Highlights of the Dashboard

    • Insights on the multifaceted process of manufacturing such as-

    A)Product wise production cost analysis along with In-bound and Out-bound cost flows

    B)Orders data with available quantity vs ordered vs dispatched vs pending

    C)Equipment maintenance capturing down times and repairs costs across manufacturing locations

    D)Product development cycle time for available product categories and sub-categories

    Business Benefits 

    • Efficient inventory management
    • Adept production cost management
    • Taking informed decisions to enhance supply chain competencies
    • Optimizing manufacturing operations


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