Annual Sales Performance Dashboard

This report is designed to analyze and visualize overall information related to sales for sales leaders and management to improve strategic planning. A variety of  KPI’s tracked on the four majors: Sales values, Product categories, Sales executives, and New customers as it is having a major focus to grow these accounts.

Major Highlights of the Dashboard

In-depth analysis of annual sales performance tracking-

A)Annual sales numbers with YOY monthly sales growth

B)Top 15-20 customers and business generated through them

C)Number of new customers added in a year, their sales values drilled down to product categories

D)Executive wise sales performances with their major sales order details

E)Geographical distribution of sales

F)Product wise market share

Business Benefits

  • 360-degree sales performance analysis with effective visualizations
  • Helps in exploring data and analyzing customer/product trends
  • Easy to use and effective in finding out best promotions and offers for new customers to grow the business further
  • Market share insights helped in understanding the position in the market


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