Advantages of Partnering with Power BI Consulting Company

Advantages of Partnering with Power BI Consulting Company

Today’s businesses are data driven. Organizations are dependent on decision making through extensive and verified data to serve customer needs and stay strong in the market. Data analytics and Data visualization help businesses to optimize business performances, better analyse the market trends and understand customer satisfaction.

Importance of Data Analytics

  • Business Intelligence for better decisions
  • Predictive analysis to predict outcomes
  • Managing business efficiently
  • Understanding the outcome of business decisions
  • Leveraging data for making better products and services as per customer’s needs.

What is business intelligence?

Business intelligence includes the infrastructure, tools and applications that enable access to data and analysis of information to improve and optimize business solutions and performance.

Business Intelligence platforms that are designed to collect, analyse, transform, and report data from various data sources and present it in a visual manner by using interactive dashboards and providing actionable insights.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business Intelligence Tools are software applications which collects large amount of data from multiple data sources including business documents, financial records, images, files, emails, videos, and other business applications and sources.

These tools help prepare data for analysis to create reports, dashboards and data visualisations improving decision making, increase operational efficiency, identify market trends, and identify new business opportunities.

Companies can leverage the power of their data and extract actionable insights that gives them a competitive edge over the market as well as ensuring business growth.

Benefits of using BI Tool-

  • Keeps business up to date by relevant and accurate reporting
  • Helps improving customer support
  • Enhanced Productivity and operational performance
  • Generates cross functional insights
  • Forecasting capabilities
  • Integration with other technologies
  • Flexibility, consistent user-friendly and easy to use

Power BI as a leading BI Tool

Power BI is a business analytics tool, and it is recognized as a leader among analytics and BI platforms by the major technology research organizations such as Gartner and Forrester. Power BI is included in O365 and uses the existing Microsoft products and services like Azure, SQL, and Excel to build data visualizations that are very compelling and extensive. Power BI can be integrated with SharePoint and Dynamics 365. It has the built-in connectivity and integration to bring your business intelligence efforts to life.

Power BI is a quick, thorough, and a complete BI tool which performs data analysis and creates insightful BI reports with just a few clicks, without the need for any manual intervention.

Features of Power BI tool-

  • Data Management– Ingesting data from various data sources, databases, online services including big data, streaming data
  • Analytics and reporting– Periodically delivering reports and incorporating Power BI reports into other applications like Dynamic 365 tool, optimizing power BI content, AI powered data modelling, real time and predictive data analytics and quick insights for latest trends.
  • Visualization– Presenting an interactive dashboard, customized visuals and comprehensive data points to explore in depth about company’s data
  • Security– Security feature includes data encryption, restricted access and availability, security compliance by conforming to standards like ISO 27001, ISO 27018, and HIPAA BAA.

Working with a Power BI  Partner

Working with Power BI Partner is a sound decision as Power BI partner gets instant access to resources, tools and direct support from Microsoft team whenever required.

Demand of BI consultancy is increasing as business intelligence is a highly sought skill to keep an organization on business track by continuously improving products and services as per the latest trends and demands. Power BI partner will help in generating hidden and powerful insights and help accelerating business growth of the organizations.

Business Benefits of Power BI

  • Intelligent Decision Making- Fact based decision making brings powerful improvements on products or services.
  • Identifying Business Opportunities– Data analysis performed with Power BI tool, can determine strengths and weaknesses, respond to business opportunities more efficiently, and identify profitable actions that need to be taken.
  • Improving Efficiency- BI helps in saving cost and time as business trends are immediately spotted instead of spending time and resources to find the right information at the right moment.

Leveraging Business Intelligence with Intellify Solutions

Intellify offers a variety of data solutions to address your business problems and gain a competitive advantage. It has extensive experience in the fields of business intelligence, data analytics, data visualization, and artificial intelligence. Intellify has worked with several top companies around the world to solve unique data problems.

With decades of management experience, Intellify has become almost perfect at creating the conditions for transformation and innovation in different organizations through high-quality, state-of-the-art data solutions.

Intellify is committed to supporting companies with data services so they can focus on doing their best. To learn more how Intellify can accelerate your digital transformation speak to one of our consultants today.