Creating A Single Source of Truth With Intellify’s Data Connector Framework

Creating A Single Source of Truth With Intellify’s Data Connector Framework

Agility is the most important aspect that organizations need to keep in mind today. Being able to react to any change on time has become a necessity. 

Consolidating business information through modern Data Connectors at a central data repository will help businesses create a single source of truth. It enables decision makers to take quick yet well informed decisions in rapidly changing business environment.  

Need for Data Connectors

A data connector extracts data from an API, Application, flat files or databases and pushes it to the destination location i.e. Central data repository. It can have a schedule through which data extraction is automated.

Organizations today use many applications for various departments. The finance team may require accounts payable software, the HR team may require an employee database and payroll system, the sales team may require CRM applications. Having these applications helps businesses to function seamlessly.

However, data consolidation becomes a hassle as these applications are different from one another and most likely, will not have one common database. Data connectors help to aggregate data from these applications at one location and create a single source of truth for organizations.

Data Collection Challenges 


It’s important to make sure the data you are interested in is available and exposed by the data owners and made available in the format you are interested in. 


Many a time, Application owners do not expose the complete data model to data consumers for various reasons. Like data consumers are not interested to know the complete data model and complexities around it, they are just interested to extract the required data quickly without getting into technical details and complexities around it. 

One for Each:  

There is a need for a data connector for each data source since they are different than each other. 

Authentication Mechanism:   

Each data connector has its authentication mechanism. Not having same authentication mechanism adds more complexity in collecting the data. 

Intellify’s Data Connector: A Viable Solution 

Organizations today want to use an average of 80 SaaS apps. This is an increase of five times from three years and a 10x increase since 2015.  

80 SaaS application means that there are 80 different data sources, and the number is doubling almost each year. Pulling the data manually each time and adding it into the on-prem or cloud database is costly, person dependant and highly time-consuming process.  

Intellify’s Data Connectors framework allows to create a central repository of the business data coming from different types of SaaS applications and databases.  

Intellify’s custom data connectors connect databases of various SaaS applications, APIs, and databases providing a single data pipeline that data consumers can configure to extract the data at the central location of their choice, either on-premise or on-cloud.   

Intellify’s Data Connectors has the following features:  

  • Can accommodate additional data sources that are not available currently. 
  • Have the ability to configure the APIs quickly to make the data connector up and running promptly.
  • A centralized single connection that works with most of the APIs authentication mechanisms and accelerates integration with APIs.
  • Single authenticator modules take care of multiple authentication mechanisms that are currently available.  
  • Citizen developers can also easily configure without much technical assistance or knowledge.
  • Capable of auditing to ensure cleaned and complete data is collected, transformed, and stored for data consumers. 

Intellify Data Connector Framework 

    Intellify Data Connector Framework Process

    Benefits of Having Data Connectors

    Here are some of the biggest advantages of having Data Connectors:

    Saving Costs Through Pre-Built Connectors:

    Having pre-built data connectors can save costs for your organizations as  your organization does not need to build a data connector from scratch each time which can be quite anexpensive.

    Quick Results:

    Data connectors help to pull and push data seamlessly and therefore, data is available promptly on databases.

    Zero Maintenance:

    Data connectors do not have any additional maintenance and it further saves annual maintenance cost that is usually incurred with the implementation of any new solutions. 

    Rapid Scalability:

    Irrespective of how many SaaS applications are being used or are going to be used in future, data connectors can scale up and connect with more data sources if need be. They are designed in such a way that they are easily scalable to connect with more SaaS apps and APIs.

    Improved Decision Making:

    Accessing and presenting data in real-time is an invaluable acumen to take advantage of. Interactive dashboards provide management and staff members with an accurate and transparent format that is easily understood by them.

    Increased Productivity:

    Collecting data from different departments and various sources is a task that may impact the productivity of staff members negatively and increase costs. With the deployment of data connectors, all the data is presented in a single location. This adds value to the business operations and the strategic development of the organization.  

    Streamlining Operations:

    Real-time access to data will decrease overall costs and provide useful insights to the organizations. As different departments use different applications to streamline their processes internally, data connectors can help to aggregate the data from different departments to enhance the streamlining process step further.

    Improving Customer Experience:

    A complete overview of customers is crucial to obtain and analyse since the customer is the building block that drives revenue. The historical data of customers can be used to target your customers with the right message at the right time. This will help to increase loyalty among your target audience, increase your conversion rates and eventually, revenue for your business.

    Predicting the Future:

    Historical datasets generated through data connector integrations will enable us to generate accurate forecasts and predict customer trends and behaviour. This helps your organization to be a step ahead compared to your competitors.

    Intellify Edge

    Intellify builds custom data connectors that can help your organization seamlessly transfer from applications and APIs to a single database. Get in touch with our experts by clicking here if you would like to build a single location for the entire database.